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One of the things I really like about Garuda are the mac like context menus for most applications.

After updating yesterday I had some strange behavior with those menus and I thought there was a thread on these forums discussing a similar issue and how to fix, but now I can't seem to find it. The menus are all aligned against the right side of the bar instead of the left. I am assuming there's something I need to do by "editing panel", but there were no obvious options controlling the text for the context menus that I could see.

Here's an example, first what they used to look like:

What they look like after the update:

Can anyone direct me to the right thread? Maybe you know a quick and easy solution? Thanks.

This was also happening after updating an older install, did something change regarding the arrangement of the items lately? :thinking: @psifidotos
Fixing this should be as easy as rightclicking the panel -> edit panel -> rearrange widgets -> dragging window appmenu to the left side, next to window title.


Thanks, "rearrange widgets" showed the menus highlighted and I could clearly see how to move them back over. I love an easy fix. The context menu doesn't actually show up when you "edit panel", it only shows once you hit the "rearrange and configure your widgets" button.

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The context menu received a refactor the last two weeks but I dont understand what the user can not find, your steps are still valid.

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