Conservation mode in linux machines

Hello Garuda and GNU+Linux power users !
While most of folks in the Linux community use laptops as a primary device , They may want the best battery health so their laptop battery last longer with no issues ,SO! i got a ridiculously easy and beautiful script to activate this feature in any linux machine .
Here is the link to The GitHub repo (its in my repo :slight_smile:


There are a few other scripts to do the same, as ipman iirc. Nevertheless great to see, helps a lot on my Lenovo device :slight_smile:


I think that is a presumption that you would be pressed to prove. :slight_smile: Nonetheless, helpful stuff for those other folks is always in need.

Next up, maybe we can buy 'em all desks so all them poor folks can use a regular machine. (I got this idea from my dear, departed mom, who always felt sorry for me and my shoeless hippy friends.) :wink:

Naw, it’s another tool for the collective. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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This almost makes me wish I still had my Legion! What an awesome little script.

If anyone out there is using gnome I was using the extension ideapad mode for this on my Lenovo Legion before I sold it recenty. If anyone would prefer a β€œGUI” instead of terminal (on gnome, so probably not many here, but just in case.)

EDIT: Also . . . I see it says it only works thru gnome 42. I had no problem all the way thru 44. I always turn off extension-validation in dconf, and rarely ever had things break between the versions.


Beautiful ! thanks for sharing

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