Conky lacks transparency | picom

I was wondering if anyone can help me change the transparency of the conky displays on the desktop.

I have looked through the conky.conf and cony-shcts files but my experience isn't enough to know what I need to change.

Any help appreciated.

Try running picom via terminal and see if its running.
I remember there was a missing sign in the last isos i3 picom config which prevents it starting :thinking:
Picom as compositor is responsible for transparency :slight_smile:

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So, total noob question here, is that just typing picom in the terminal and hitting enter?

Yes exactly, picom will be started and error messages will be printed in the terminal. These can be pasted here to help you further :wink:

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The error message

Have posted the error message above. Also tried to pacman -S picom and it puts out a conflict message with picom-iibhagwan-git. Is it ok to remve this and install picom or is there a better fix?

Well picom-ibhagwan-git
Provides blur and rounded corners

You can however try to copy the fixed picom config from


To your home folder


Awesome, thanks for that. I now have transparency on my terminal but conky still has the black background.

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Ok, so I rebooted my laptop and now I have this ...

Thanks for all the help.