Confusion of my choice

I'm new to Garuda. And I'm from windows 10. please tell me key differences between KDE and multimedia os. I'm video editor. What is suitable to me KDE or Multimedia


Either is suitable As you can install any software on any version or flavour of Garuda


Garuda KDE Dr460nized
The dr460nized editions of Garuda Linux offer a dark, blurry and fully immersive Plasma experience. The workflow is mac-alike with the appmenu baked right into the top bar. :dragon:

Garuda KDE Multimedia
KDE Plasma is made to stay out of the way as it helps you getting things done. Under its light and intuitive surface it is a powerhouse. You are free to choose ways of usage right as you need them and when you need them.
KDE Multimedia edition is made for having all the right tools needed to get started on Linux, out of the box.

Is this what you ask? But what version suitable for you? Only you can answer that.

This is Linux. You can build it with your own preference and style that you like.

Anyway welcome to the community :beers:


differences between KDE and multimedia os

Are you comparing dr460nized and Multimedia? They both use KDE Plasma.
Since you're a video editor and you're new to Linux, it might be a good idea to start with Multimedia. It would introduce you to Linux software and multimedia stuff since it comes with a lot of packages that might interest you (it's almost twice the size of dr460gonized), and you can stick with it or switch to dr460nized once you know what software you want. If you don't care about exploring software or know what you want to use already then I'd go with dr460nized since it's smaller and looks better imo :slight_smile:

You can also boot up Live from USB and try it out before installing.

Welcome to Garuda :garuda:


I would suggest Multimedia. Coming into an advanced Linux operating system like Garuda straight from Windows is going to be shock enough for now.


As a secondary option to Garuda Multimedia, you could also check out AV Linux
AV Linux - Wikipedia

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I may be mistaken but I thought Garuda Multimedia edition was one of the editions being put out to pasture (discontinued)


Yes, after the last iso build, they seemed to have dropped the multimedia. If the op hasn't chose an image to download yet, I would recommend starting barebones, then you can always upgrade to ultimate.


A/V "pro" here (retired). Go XFCE. I'd also say with a bit of hesitation even in XFCE it might be good to can the compositor depending on your setup and editor of choice to eek out all the -don't make it stutter while I'm scrubbing- goodness. IMO/Experience KDE has too much flash and all the drop shadows and effects will just make editing a crap fest. Sure you can disable and tweak KDE into oblivion but why spend 3 weeks clicking check boxes when you can just go XFCE and not have to waste your time.

Some of the advice on this thread is very dated and no longer applies since Garuda has made many changes since this topic was opened 8 months ago.

That is why it is best to avoid necrobumping old topics.