Confused between Wayfire and i3

I am confused between Wayfire and i3. Anyone can share their experience with wayfire ?

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IDK about it, but maybe

can help

I have long experience with i3 but I don't have experience with wayfire. Is it stable enough to be a daily driver ? Does regular applications like conky, emacs, virtualbox, etc and games work on it ? Please share experience with wayfire.


I tried out, maybe 5 min. , I do not like it and use my i3wm.
best will be you tried for yourself :slight_smile:

Maybe a new thread is more helpful.
So I push this from announcements.

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I've been using it for about three days, and the only issue that I experienced was an OBS could not really display anything. Nor windows, nor fullscreen. But when I will finally get my hardware available, I will test it another one time because so far it's really enjoyable to use. Lots of eyecandies, and somebody could consider it bloated, but I really like it.

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Nice to read, as always a matter of taste.

Personally I can't do anything with the questions like, what is better and more beautiful and so on.

It doesn't help if everyone else loves licorice and it makes me sick :slight_smile:

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WTF is wrong with Licorice?

Now you done did it, it's on.

Nobody slags my fave candy and can get away with it. :rofl:


I just decided to readdress Wayfire and reloaded newest ISO two days ago. I find I'm liking of it feels like sway even though it's not a tiling wm, I think the configuration probably.
Being the hopper that I am, I am always glad to try out new things.
It seems to be a bit higher on resources (and considerably slower startup time) than I3 or Sway, but it's a fairly new project, so there has probably been very little if any optimization. I'd encourage people to try it though, you might like.