Conflicts between font packages - Garuda Setup Assistant

Hello Garuda Community,

after some annoying years with Ubuntu, I took the chance and installed Garuda as dual boot option for a new tablet-notebook-device. Even though, it's hardware made by a small Germany company which only officially supports either Windows or a very slightly customized Ubuntu, Garuda works surprisingly well.

I had eagerly selected software from the great selection in the Setup Assistant before I was running into troubles commiting the transaction.

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
/usr/share/fonts/carlito/Carlito-Bold.ttf exists in both 'ttf-google-fonts-git' and 'ttf-carlito'
/usr/share/fonts/carlito/Carlito-BoldItalic.ttf exists in both 'ttf-google-fonts-git' and 'ttf-carlito'
/usr/share/fonts/carlito/Carlito-Italic.ttf exists in both 'ttf-google-fonts-git' and 'ttf-carlito'
/usr/share/fonts/carlito/Carlito-Regular.ttf exists in both 'ttf-google-fonts-git' and 'ttf-carlito'

I am new, so after a quick browser search, I used pacman -Sii <packagename> to look dependents up (chaotic-aur repository). I found, ttf-carlito is required by OnlyOffice which I selected while ttf-google-fonts-git is required by gsettings-desktop things (probably something I have selected), insync and "asian-fonts". At the same time, the info about pacman -Sii ttf-google-fonts-git noted no conflict with ttf-carlito. fonts-meta-extended-lt is used by both but it does not list the ttf google package as dependency for some reason. I just want to say this in case someone could solve this problem.

I am afraid I have to restart the setup assistant and reselect all the software in order to deselect the OnlyOffice package. [Edit: fortunately not, the selection is still there.]

  • Elmar

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
I think the problem is in the ttf-google-fonts-git package, which unfortunately I don't see updated since a lot of time.
It was already notified to the maintainer with this comment:


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