Configure Nvidia Driver

I would also like to check my system for errors.
ok so ive run these cmds and i will post in the private bin
lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 12
lshw -numeric -C display
glxinfo | grep OpenGL
The OpenGL renderer string points to MESA libraries which means that 3d rendering is being handled entirely inside software. This is going to be slow, and games wI’ll not work well.
The Open G.L is concerning after reading this .

Try this command:

prime-run glxinfo | grep -i vendor

If it returns "nvidia" (or similar) then you can run programs on the dGPU using the same prime-run wrapper script.

prime-run glxinfo | grep -i vendor                                                                   60%  ─╯

prime-run may be found in the following packages:
extra/nvidia-prime 1.0-4 /usr/bin/prime-run

Will have to research prime run wrapper script.

I'm surprised it's not installed by default if you have the hybrid graphics mhwd profile installed... perhaps you installed with the free driver option and just need to install the nvidia hybrid profile?

However - if installing nvidia-prime works then just use that. :+1:


Come to think of it i think in the install when i finally got to install it i must have clicked on free.Should i search the Nvidia prime drivers in AUR ?

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No, use the Garuda Settings Manager.


Priority or open source thanks for your patients Jonathon

Check what you have installed

mhwd --pci -li

You need to install (since you have AMD and nvidia)


Use Garuda Hardware Manager (GUI) to do it.


mhwd --pci -li  14%  ─╯

Installed PCI configs:

              NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE

       video-linux            2020.12.03                true            PCI

Does this help ?

No idea how to open GUI in the Hardware Manager .I have tried to research it but dont get it .Do i just run that cmd in the Alacritty.?


Tried to run this cmd i get an error bad pattern

Start from the basics

Garuda Settings Manager


Fantastic thanks for your reply i have hopped to Garuda KDE Dr460nized seemed to be some problems with wayfire .Or maybe its just me .I will check what drivers were installed when i installed this i clicked on nonfree at install.

Does this look correct .i don't see Nvidia drivers installed.?

It looks correct.
Suitable nvidia drivers are installed.
If your system works well, try to stop configuring video drivers any more.


THankyou yes i will stop trying to configure my video drivers.