Completely reset everything from KDE

Hello Garuda-Community!

So i just installed garuda on a second SSD to try it out before i switch to it from Manjaro.

I had some issues here and there, but as of right now it runs stable...

Now, the KDE Look you guys gave it is neat and tied together quite nicely, however it is very personal if you like it or not. I, to be honest, don't like the style and feel of it at all. Now whenever i try to change something, i feel like there is some config that i missed that then ruins my plans.

I really want to use the dragonized-gaming edition and i don't want to install the pure kde version. But i'd like to have a pure, clean, default KDE Plasma. I already tried to reinstall all KDE app's but ofc this won't delete my configs for those.

What exact configs do i have to delete for everything that comes with the dragonized edition to be gone. Every piece of behaviour, every config for every menu bar, button, cursor, KWIN Scripts, etc. etc.

I hope this isn't too much of a dumb question.


Take a look at the files in /etc/skel. Those are the files that copied in to a new user with all the config.

Alternatively, if you don't care about any config, including other applications, you could just delete everything in ~/.config

You could also consider installing the KDE lite edition instead.


The easiest method is installing KDE Lite and then installing games with Garuda Gamer app.


Garuda Linux KDE lite

Garuda Linux KDE lite is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started. (You are on your own, we do not provide any support for KDE lite editions!)

Regarding the KDE Lite Version - I want all the different apps and stuff you install. Everything. It works amazing!

The only thing i don't want is the KDE config :smiley: So if i'd install KDE Lite, this would do the opposite of what i want.

@dalto - i take a look into skel. I assume i care about any other config, because i assume you guys configured some stuff like wine etc. So deleting config alltogether would do more harm i guess?

Just change the theme and the icons.

By the way, I wish peace on earth.


You could delete it all and then copy the select applications you want back manually or using Garuda Assistant.

Otherwise just go through and delete all the kde/latte configs. There are quite a few of them though.

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That's not as easy :wink: You guys dived quite deep into the whole KDE personalization haha. You did many many things. And don't get me wrong here! You guys did an amazing job! Everything feels tied together and super well configured. I just simply don't like that look. And when i tried to change the theme, etc. everything kinda falls apart and i can see all the different things you configed...

But i now found all the different KDE config files i had to delete. Deleting /skel didn't do absolutely anything lmao...but diving inside the config directory did the trick.

I didn't think it would be that easy that's why i made that thread lol

It's easy, KDE System Settings.


Completely reset everything from KDE

Is a huge difference. Always try to express yourself as accurately as possible, we don't know what you think, we only see what you write.


yeah i just explained how and where that approach "fails"...i know that you can easily change theme and icons. But i'm not talking only about theme and icons as you might have picked up in my threads. weren't supposed to delete the files in /etc/skel. Those are the files that are copied into every new user account. The idea was to look at those files and then remove the matching files from ~/.config


whelp :smiley: didn't know that - well doesn't matter that much. 1) this is only a testinstallation and i don't plan on keeping this one in the future. It's to play around and get things the way i want, document that for me and then set it up correctly on the first try.

But thanks alot!

Just for reference, it's generally easier to build up than to break down, e.g. installing KDE Lite then using the Garuda Assistant to add the things you want.


i agree with you!

However after i found out how easy it was to reset my KDE i would go as far and say that it's quite easy to break down KDE instead of building up garuda from kde lite.

But you are completely right nonetheless.

So now i just have to play around with some things, check how stable everything works for me and i have to find out how i get flatpak running properly because installing flatpak breaks some dependencies for me :-/

But other than that, seems to look very fine to me!

i was sure that i expressed myself as accurately as possible. And i believe to be correct with that assumption because @dalto understood exactly what i meant and gave me the exact help i needed.

I said i want to have everything that comes with dragonized gaming, but i don't want anything that comes for KWIN, KDE Plasma. Correct me if i'm wrong, but that sounds quite accurate to me.

But this thread is finished. I got a solution, i learned something new. And most importantly, i don't want any fight with you. We can agree to disagree on accuracy as long as there is someone who understood me. Maybe my style of writing doesn't work for you. That's okay as long as there are others who can understand me. Then there are people who you understand, but others can't.


I'm not there quite yet, I guess. I'll let you know just as soon as I can quit chasing my tail.

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