Completed Garuda Install

Last night, I completed my install of Garuda Light. Garuda is now on my main machine. I love the rounded corners. lol. As I proceed to add my primary programs to my install.

A question: several months ago, when I began testing Garuda, there was a sheet that appeared on boot up listing tasks to be completed by the individual user. It mentioned 'balancing' the system.
What does this mean? How to do it? Where is that sheet of tasks?

oh, I almost forgot. I want to wipe out Latte, but how do get Plasma to give me a panel.

My overall impression is this distro is getting better all of the time. I really like the new ideas. But, it is really the people who make Garuda into a quality distro.

And please, all of you, stay healthy!! This too will pass...



The panel is pretty easy. If you want to get rid of Latte just launch Pamac from your systray and search Latte and then uninstall.

As for the panel just rightclick the desktop and select add panel, and then select the type of panel you want.