Compiz on some similar in KDE Dr460nized

Do you know if there is something like compiz in the dr460nf1r3 distribution, or if there is such a setup under a different name. Anyway, I saw on youtube that in this issue someone was spinning a dice with music stands

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There is a flavor/spin with Compiz, it's WAYFIRE Garuda Linux | Download

Dragonized doesn't use Compiz, it uses kwin compositor.

look this Garuda Dr460nized - YouTube

why developers like it was over 10 years ago in almost every commercial distribution

The Cube Effect?
The effect used to be available through KDE System Settings.

  • Worskpace Behavior > Desktop Effects

It was there in the past, maybe many years ago, but it's not listed by default.
Maybe you have to find it on the web and install it? Good question, yes.

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KDE removed them, search in forum and you will find a post about.


Yup, there's even a bug on that. lol 443410 – Please restore the Desktop Cube switching effect


How exactly does this relate to Garuda?

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It's still a default feature in Wayfire.

I turned mine off as you can see (I found it to be a bit much), but it is up by default when you first boot and I can confirm it works just fine.


Cubism that's a blast from the past :smile:


Of course, cuz its compositor is Compiz here and if I remember that effect came from Compiz loooong time ago. :smiley:


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