Compiz configuration

I was wondering if anyone has tried to configure Compiz with KDE? I was able to configure with MATE edition and it is working fine.

But was unable to male it work with KDE

I know there are concerns using Compiz in outside posts, but really like some of the effects offered in Compiz vs KWin

Compiz? I haven't used that since at least 10 years. (I'm surprised it still exists...)
Why do you need it?


To try out some nice window transitions effects..which are not in KWin

Picom forks are totally worth a try, as used in bspwm :slight_smile:

I would tend to think it would require some nifty hacks. KDE might not love being without kwin - they are pretty tied together. Compiz 0.8 series works great with xfce though :grin:


I had it up and running MATE with Compiz 0.9...

I guess KDE is much integrated with KWin and it seems the best bet at this point

Compiz works with KDE no problem. I use it, always have, always will. What I don't get is why everyone doesn't use it. IT. IS. The single best window management and compositor ever. Truthfully its the initial reason I switched from Windows way back over 10 years ago I was amazed by the embeded terminal, and the visual effects and the desktop cube. Awesomeness without limits. Its amazing to me that Compiz has not remained the leading application. The most customizable, most eye candy, most productive. Its just great!


Everyone has his/her own taste. Like if I give you a million dollars ( Just imagine :wink: ) to buy a car, which one would you buy? Some will say Ferrari , some will go with Rolls Royce , some with Lamborghini etc. It is just a matter of taste.

And welcome to the community.

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