Community editions planning

@dr460nf1r3 it seems that the window decorations wrong it should be sierrabrezzeenhaced but serrabreeze is installed can you package the theme so we can use it

Gaming Edition / Ultimate (Dragonised KDE) LTS version please. please. please

What do you mean? You can install lts on Dragonized...

what do you mean? or how? I can see u can install an LTS kernel, but not packages. (Sorry im new to Garuda and Arch)

No worries,

Packages in Arch are always updated on a rolling basis, it's kind of its thing. If you want a long term support distro, you have to use stable repositories. Manjaro offers this with Arch. However, you loose most of the benefits of Garuda by going that route.


You have now requested an LTS version of Garuda on several different threads. You were told to search the forum on this topic as it has been discussed before and is highly unlikely to happen anytime in the future. As was already explained Garuda is a rolling distro, if you wish a static distro there are plenty of other choices for you out there.

If you continue to spam the forum repeatedly with the same inane request on different threads you will find yourself being silenced for an appropriately long period of time for you to improve your behaviour here.


If you want it, make it yourself. We are not against it, but we also have other views on how to make an OS.


Maybe I will

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Good luck. I read this all the time but, not yet, has anyone produced an actual static Arch distribution. The whole idea behind Arch is antithetical to your proposal.

Otherwise, all anyone--I mean anyone needs to do is just install then never update. Use the LTS kernel if you will, but goodbye any new hardware recognition, new applications, or security of any kind. Arch, being rolling, precludes the possibility of this happening. Update one--update all. That's how it works in Arch.


C'mon let's reinvent the wheel.

Let's make it square this time.



@dr460nf1r3 can we have a build on the latest iso, I want to see if the configs work if it does it mght the the first realese.

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Its done already. I already saw the first time you requested the iso, no need to repeat the question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh sorry :sweat_smile:

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#1 Yes you are right
#2 most of the old "Kde-ultimate" stuff is incuded

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It looks really nice! Decent and consistent, I really don't like themes on official Garuda, next reason why i love barebone edition.

What looks very nice?

@zoeruda No it will be Firedragon, I like the privicy.


Community edition looks very nice

@Soong Which edition?
(Poll) Should kde-multimedia be less bloated before first relese.

  • Yes
  • No

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Btw, @RUanauR I give you one more little freedom.
You can change KDE multimedia ' s name to anything you like.
Actually, initially it was thought that it should contain some multimedia stuff, so it was named so.

But as you are changing the packages, old name may no longer suit it.

Just think of a nice name.


Just want to say that I appreciate all of your input and completely understand now - this would be a redundant release. However, I love that garuda-tools allows us to create our own iso :dragon: