Color scheme

Kde doesn't change color scheme all the way I installed papirus colors icons and the color scheme on the folder icons won't change neither is there a fix?

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Are they supposed to change?
Every Color Scheme has their own implementation of which colors they choose to change.

This does not sound like a Color Scheme, but like an Icon Set, which is different.
Not all Color Schemes will affect the Icon Set, due to what I mentioned above.

So did you change the Color Scheme from the KDE System Setting (there is a section called Color Scheme) or you changed Icons from the KDE System Settings (there is a section called Icons)?

What is your exact expected result?


Some icon packages do change with color schemes, the Simple-Circles Icons change with scheme colors.

For the OP, it may depend on the icon set and what choices you have checked under System settings > Appearance > Colors > 'Use Accent Colors Section'.


Yup, precisely why I asked about this particular set. :slight_smile:


No garuda-inxi, no help.

KDE = Restart required, often, mostly, like F5 in Dolphin to refresh the content.

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