Closing windows leaves them after animation as a part of the background

OS: KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition (latest update)
Kernel: 5.12.9-zen1-1-zen
Environment: KDE Plasma Garuda Dragonized

Description: After a prolonged use during the day, I have this weird bug when closing any window. As mention, when closed, animation of being vacuumed by Latte Dock starts playing and after that window is still visible as a part of the background (but over the icons) and it's non-interactive.

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Have you restarted the PC after updates?

Does it always happen, or only after a long time of usage?

Have you read how to ask/post questions at Garuda wiki?


Also check the state of your compositor when these instances occur. Perhaps change your compositor settings as well as checking your ram usage when this occurs.

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In the Compositor setting I have selected "Force smoothest animations", hit "Apply" and now the ghost windows disappeared. I have no problems with RAM usage as I have somewhat of a higher-end PC. In the past, in order to get rid of the annoying windows I had to restart,. So yes, I had restarted my computer after I have updated it.
Thank you all for the support and I will look up in the Wiki how to post the proper support questions in the future. Such welcoming community.

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