Cloning current system (SATA SSD, bigger) to a new, different drive (NVME SSD, smaller)

Hello. I have ZERO experience in OS cloning. I've fine-tuned Garuda Linux Dr460nized Edition on a 256GB SATA SSD to my liking and would like to clone it to a bigger 1TB NVME SSD that had been partitioned into 120GB for (planned) filesystem clone and the rest for games and what have you.

My plan is to clone current system into said 120GB partition of NVME.

I've read there are several methods to execute:

  1. dd = simplest command line out there, but it copies the WHOLE disk (filesystem, good AND bad sectors) into new one. Very slow and can take even overnight
  2. rsync = only clones the necessities, compressed output, faster too
  3. clonezilla = safest option, compressed disk will be cloned, can be used to clone into smaller drive which requires expert mode (I am not one)

I have searched Google and this forum ups and downs. I have also read the archwiki and found it... intimidating, to say the least, due to the amount of alternatives it offers.

Which one do you think is the best option for my situation?
Is there any other way, like create my own .iso and install on new drive?
Or should I just resize the 120GB partition to 256GB/bigger, and use clonezilla normally to avoid headache?

Thanks in advance.

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Just change to expert :slight_smile:

I think there are enough tutorials on the net that will help you with this app.


Thanks for the reply. Though most tutorials are either last year or nearly 10 years old, so why I posted it here instead is to see if the method still remains the same after these years

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yes they are and if you follow the defaults in clonezilla all should be good


Alright I'll be giving it a try now. Hope everything goes well.

Sorry for double post but I had figured reinstalling Garuda to the new drive and setting it up from scratch would be much less of a headache than cloning it. Tried all methods above and none worked, with dd bricking the boot (the dragon logo with grey background). Thanks for the help anyway!

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