Clarity on Garuda editions

Hey, as someone very new here I find information provided on the website about Garuda editions not clear enough.
Different DE editions are self explanatory but for example currently the Dr460nized has 3 editions possible to download: standard, gaming and BlackArch.
Moreover in the forum FAQ there is mention about the ultimate and lite edition (probably something has been changed in this regard recently?). So the information provided is not coherent and causes confusion.
From the user experience perspective it would be good to provide a brief characteristics of each edition directly on the website.
Just my feedback for some consideration for you guys :slight_smile:


Standard - self-explanatory ‘standard’.
Gaming - standard plus gaming apps, etc (steam, lutris and much more)
Black - Pen-testing spin.

Ultimate can be installed after another edition at the welcome screen.

Thanks for the feedback and thoughts and welcome to the forum. :wave:

More experienced members will add to this.


Nope :smiley: :wink:


I'm sure if people would like to put together a comparison table it can be added to the page, or at the very least linked to. "Good first issue" ?


Sounds like a volunteer? :wink: :grin:

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Volunteer is good, I've learned it's a good way to be shot too (lol). Or even worse, you get what you asked for.