Cities Skylines 2

As of today Cities Skylines 2 was released. Its not Linux Native the same way the first Cities was. Im a vibrant player of this game. Ive searched the web for any information how the game is running on Linux but couldnt find anything.

So my question is: has anyone bought the game and tried it out? either with Proton or Wine.

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There’s a pretty high chance that the game will work on proton. I suggest trying it out, and if it doesn’t work, either wait for for a fix or refund the game

Edit: Seems to work Reddit - Dive into anything


it does indeed seem to work in proton8.0-4 but not protonGE. could be something silly, but considering that this slideshow is indeed running and looking beautiful i predict i may run it for a few years

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it seems to be working better on linux than on windows even. i have a friend with the same comp specs that i have and i can push more fps out of the game.
Also an update that came out today made it even possible to play on high settings without any lag…
but i havent tried it with a city as big as 100 000 pop though.

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Would anyone like to elaborate how I can install it? I own it via steam and every single time I try and launch it just launches the paradox launcher v2 setup. Wether I install or not doesn’t change anything :confused:

There seems to be issues with the launcher again:

Try launching it using proton-experimental (bleeding-edge) as one report says it is working with it. (at least mostly… might be some bugs using it)
To use the bleeding edge version of proton experimental:

You could also try your luck and see if you can bypass the launcher. Try setting the game to launch with Proton Experimental.
Use this as the launch options:
proton run Cities2.exe "%command%"

If neither works, keep your eyes peeled to new posts from my first link and also (as @noop also pointed out)

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