Circuit breaker shorted now computer won’t load operating system

so my apartment circuit breaker shorted and now my computer won’t load Garuda. It gets to the screen where I choose the operating system/kernel to boot then when I pick one it gets to a black screen that says this (I would copy paste the message but the computer it’s on won’t work sorry for the picture)

It doesn’t get past this screen. I have tried to restore a snapshot, use an alternate kernel, all of it gets stuck at this screen. any help is appreciated.

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booted into iso to chroot but when I try to mount the system (sudo mount dev/nvme0n1p2 /mnt/broken) I get “terminated by signal SIGKILL (forced quit)”.
researched the SIGKILL error and found this

as per that post I made a systemctl.conf file with

vm.overcommit_memory = 2
vm.overcommit_ratio = 100

rebooted, same SIGKILL error when I try to chroot again.

I noticed the garuda welcome screen has chroot option, that doesn’t work. and when I try to use BTRFS assistant to restore from a dejadup system backup it says “failed to retrieve file system list” the window title reads “A critical error has occurred:”

Sounds bad that a process is being killed so "early" (in the boot or mounting the file system) :frowning:
First of all, I hope you have your data backed up...
Can you try the following from the live usb?

sudo btrfs check /dev/nvme0n1p2

Hard power-offs are the première way of killing systems, and power surges can be especially deadly.

It's quite possible that your system has become unrecoverable and so a reinstall is the best option - assuming the hardware still works.


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