Cinnamon lock screen not unlocking when password not set

I am having a problem with garuda-cinnamon. It seems to have set a password on it's own because when i installed i did not set a lock-screen password but when the computer sleeps the screen locks an asks me for a password? I wen to my account details and in the little password box there is a password that i did not set when i try to change it- it says i need the original password. So i'm confused if anyone knows how to fix this it would be appreciated.

Use your password that you login with. That should work.

Username - garuda
Password - garuda

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I tried these passwords but did not work for some reason thank you for trying to help though i really appreciate it.
I did find a work around though.
if anyone is having the same problems try setting a password for your user

hey you should some change in power option and screen saver option you should change setting for lock screen and hibernate screen all setting should off for no issue, i face same issue when install 1st time linux i face this type of issue in all linux distro that i use lubuntu, mx linux and also in manjaro kde version.

Watch this video -

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