Cinnamon keeps crashing on startup

It appears that Cinnamon crashes on startup for some reason. I have disabled all the desklets/applets but it keeps crashing on startup. It does, however, work if after the crash I restart Cinnamon (both with and without disabling the applets/desklets).

I have pulled the output of ~/.xsession-errors to privatebin:

-Thanks :grin:

Whenever I start to experience crashes, the first thing I always do is test at least three alternate kernels.

The ones I usually test (in order) are:


Don't forget to install the corresponding headers for each kernel you install.

I would also look for and install your missing smartcard driver and test alternate themes.


Thanks for the feedback. I tried booting up the lts-kernel but I get an error with LDM.
The problem seems to have solved itself today, after installing some updates...

I saw that, but I don't know why it's telling me that - I don't have a smartcard reader :roll_eyes:

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