Chromium browser and Google Sync

Hi everyone,

I have a new Garuda install, where I also added the Chromium browser. The current version is

extra/chromium 89.0.4389.82-1 [installed]

In previous installs of Garuda (I tried dragonized, Gnome, Wayfire, and XFCE) I was able to connect Chromium to Google Sync after I logged in to Gmail. However, in today's fresh install that seems no longer possible. The user/profile icon in Chromium (screenshot follows) says not logged in, regardless of what I do.

I tried to reset my settings from the settings menu, then I deleted the local Chromium folders under .cache/, .config/, and /run/user/<login>/, without any positive result.

When I googled the issue, I found an article, according to which Google will remove access to bookmarks and sync for 3rd party Chromium browsers starting 2021-03-15. There was also some information linking to the Chromium Project web page about API keys, which supposedly would enable the functionality back in, but they are added to the browser at build time, not as configuration items.

So my question is, if the Arch package already removed Google Sync access from Chromium or is this another issue. Is there a way to get my own API keys and add them to the browser as a user? I have several laptops and 3 Android devices and see no other easy way to keep everything available across all my devices...


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Well if you need google sync you have to use

sudo pacman -S google-chrome

Or use browser which has sync function
ie firefox

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Yep. Just recently, sync was removed from chromium

Edit: May not be removed from sources yet, but will be in 9 days. I believe the packager for chromium on arch linux pre-emptively removed the feature

Under Windows, even the Google search engine has disappeared in Chromium.
Everything is still the same in Hefftorlinux. Even the bookmarks are still there.

Yes, but this is well out-of-scope for this forum.


Maybe it won't help you entirely depending how you use google sync. . . but with Firefox, I have it on both my computer and my phone and can sync between them.

Google is going rouge on Linux now.