Chrome Freezing with Nvidia GPU [solved]

Sorry don't have time to do a good post or report the bug
Laptop with gtx 1650. Chrome had long stutters up to 5 seconds randomly. Disabled plugins and reinstalled, cleared cache. HTOP showed chrome was using all CPU power.

Solved Switched from NVIDIA -> HYBRID via Optimus Manager

If people need I can give more details later. I know optimus and google-chrome is not recommended by most. But they do what I want.

Sorry for the poor post quality.
*updated replaced Nvidia Optimus with Optimus Manager

I mean, it was your choice to deviate from the recommended setup and even use software actively warned against, so hey!

There is no such thing as an Nvidia Optimus gui. You probably just used Optimus Manager or something like that, which we strongly warn against.


Corrected name for optimus

I must be the only person with this issue. Just an update I disabled hardware acceleration in chrome settings and set optimus manager from hybrid back to Nvidia for reasons.

So those are 2 options in case anyone was having random stuttering/freezing in chrome with a Nvidia GPU.

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