Choosing laptop for Garuda

Hi, i was using Ubuntu before, shifted to windows and now when i saw Garuda, i really liked it and now am planning to buy a laptop specifically to install Gradua OS.

Kindly advise the hardware requirement.
I am a hardcore user of AMD ryzen processors


Welcome to the community @nickpas, here you go:


Pretty much anything without nvidia.

I'd say at least 8gb ram. . . but I have 40+ in all of my machines so it's hard to know the lower limit anymore.

If you want to make sure you have very little issue with a Linux distro - you could get a computer that comes with it.

System76 makes some rather nice laptops. If you're in the USA the new HP dev one laptop looks pretty damn nice.

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Being a Nvidia user is not that bad nowadays, this is because on laptops one can just use iGPU for displays and Nvidia with prime offload.
Even S76 ships Intel + Nvidia​:grin:


I have no problem with the hardware itself. It's arguably the best available.

As long as they continue to be huge opponents to freedom and the Linux community at large, I could never under good conscience suggest anyone or myself to give money in any fashion to such a garage company.

"F*** Nvidia"

-Linus Torvalds


I can add something to not get.


IMO article title is misleading, the whole point of article is that webcams of PCs with Alder Lake are unsupported, not the CPUs themselves.
Otherwise a lot of work for Alder Lake has been made recently​:grinning:


I am using HP Omen 16, and it works perfectly and powerful under Garuda

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Take a look at the new HP Dev One

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I hope it is available in india