Cheksum256 not match with iso

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I downloaded iso 4 times verifying iso with check sum 256 not verified and some of files are also missing from this I downloaded it from osdn mirror server please help to download the original iso.... garuda lxqt -kwin .iso

Why do you use not the download page from

3483f84d4d254450ee76f04af5edf21b196fcfcb2ed2fa749e0c47a0f595daaf  garuda-lxqt-kwin-linux-tkg-bmq-210107.iso


ISO is one file, which files are missing?


I used from osdn

Please provide sufficient information to find and fix the problem, for example, specific links to the iso image and checksum you are downloading.

Also keep in mind that your download may still be corrupt, and so the checksums are doing what they're intended to do.

I tried with this link Download Garuda Linux from 1 but unable to download and redirected to thank you for downloading ....
If I download with another servers or torrent the checksum not matched or corrupted
Please help me please to download the original iso file..

On the Sourceforge "download started" page there will be a piece of help text that says something along the lines of "Download not working?" Read that, and the other links it presents.

We can't fix your Internet connection, therefore you may need to talk to your ISP.

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I know and tried changing servers but downloading speed is too slow ...

Have you tried torrenting? I find it quite fast, normally.

You matched the check sum 256 ??

First, I got the checksum, downed the torrent and all went fine. See this for basics:


I already matched with it and doesn't match that's the problem I am saying from starting...

Ah! Sorry, I misunderstood. :blush:

In the last three years I have had one defective transmission and not one at Garuda, I never check :slight_smile:

May I ask what you use or do to check?

Did you just try to boot from USB without checking?

You have not yet replied to

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This is not an issue with Garuda, or something that anyone on the forum can fix. Please talk to your network administrator or ISP.


You can always try to fix the files using the torrent tracker (torrent is able to re-download only the corrupt part). Just fire a torrent client, put the torrent version to download, pause the download, replace the download with the old file, in the torrent client activate the "verify files", wait for completion, resume the download.