Check out Falkon browser

It has FIVE different engines, so you can install every extension from any popular browser. It is pretty lightweight and fits the style of this distro. I guess it could be the default one in the future? falkon about

For how long did you use it ?

It isnt lightweight

It misses lot of functionality


Well looking at the credits (2018) its not maintained actively anymore so it wont receive security updates? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It's actually updated once a year, I just got an outdated version from packages. Will rebuild it, probably.

What functionality? So far I haven't noticed any problems. Maybe I'm blind, or something.

oh well

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Anyways, it was an interesting find. Will look out for support for these in the future, if it won't be dead at some point.

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Well, I used it around 6 months ago or so, for a week.

I know your opinion will differ, but I didn't like it.
And we should be damn sure that the browser we ship should be secure enough.

Also, I trust only 2 browsers,

  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome/chromium

So far I can't trust it too. It's really weird that addons here is in strictly restricted condition. But as a concept it seems cool.


Web RTC through something like the Surf (Suckless) Browser is also great

I found some new information on this browser, and now it seems secure, but still not enough for me