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Maybe when there is not a pending request on it :eyes:


It’s not possible since a dependency no longer exists:


You can track request progress here:


This page shows that ALVR is being kept on an old version due to build issues but i just built ALVR v20.4.3 without issue with paru alvr.

Just a heads up, you guys have this in Chaotic-AUR. Got a pop up on the app stating the developer has left the project, no longer being developed. The project (Git page) has been archived. You might want to remove it.


Is there any actual reason for absolutely having to uninstall the app? Seems feature-complete at first sight.

It was working fine for me, so to answer your question there is no urgent need to uninstall it at this time, but it does function on a list of dependencies, so as long as those mesh, you should be fine for now.

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:wink: would be very cool to see “plasma-mobile”-packages in chaotic aur, the aur packages can be build easily but if creating isos its a nice to have i have seen 3 packages “plasma-mobile” “plasma-mobile-nm” and “plasma-mobile-sounds” :wink: thaaanks but its not a must ;D

I got linux-cachyos in chaotic aur but not linux-cachyos-headers, if it would be available then it would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

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They are definitely available, at least as of now :eyes:


Yeah, it is listed now :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks !!! :smiley:


Three requests please so far, due to being Xfce user and novice developer and I 'll try to justify them.

  1. xfce4-hotcorner-plugin
    What it does is mimic the behaviour in Gnome and Cinnamon which can trigger an action when reaching a corner on the screen

  2. xfce4-places-plugin
    Displays various file manager directories and devices and can also (un)mount external devices.

  3. adbmanager
    This is a graphical utility to manage adb (Android Debug Bridge). link

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I would like to request that Prowlarr and Radarr be added to Chaotic. I’ve noticed over the last couple of months that installing either program from the AUR is hit or miss. I have been informed by their dev(s) that it has to be something I’m doing or something in the particular OS. Personally I call BS on that cause I have about a dozen apps from the AUR including them and Sonarr and Prowlarr and Radarr are the only ones that error out when updating. I have had updates for Emby, Sonarr, Radarr, and Prowlarr at the same time and when I manually do Sonarr and Emby no issue, but Prowlarr and Radarr it’s hit or miss. This to me screams that the dev(s) for Prowlarr and Radarr doing something wrong. When they error out they fail the validity check. Thanks

Your requests have been added. xfce4-hotcorner-plugin-git was the version that’s still maintained, so it’s the one we will provide.

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I very very very strongly recommend that you use containers for that, especially Docker. You will absolutely have a bad time using these applications from the AUR more often than not. It’s not worth struggling or wasting inordinate amounts of time troubleshooting. Even if you’re going into Docker blindly, you’ll have better luck and less wasted time than trying to use the AUR version.

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I have to say simply no to Docker or any other container unless there is no other choice. As for working from the AUR I honestly have never had an issue with a program from there that wasn’t quickly addressed by the maintainer. The only two are Radarr and Prowlarr and that’s pretty recent. The Maintainer for those two apps is doing something wrong and simply doesn’t want to admit it. I know it’s the maintainer cause I have a dozen apps from the AUR and every time a build fails it’s either Radarr, Prowlarr, or both apps only that fail. Give it a few days and they will build without issue. This has been the norm for Radarr and Prowlarr for weeks. Thanks for the suggestion, but as I said no to Docker.

If you put these apps in the Chaotic repo, they are just going to inherit whatever the problems you have noticed are. The Chaotic repo doesn’t change anything about how the maintainer is packaging the apps, it just builds them in whatever state the are in.


Both Radarr and Sonarr are in the Chaotic and have no issues, it was Radarr-Develop I was asking about. That said the only one that I still would like to see added is Prowlarr. Like I said I cannot justify using Docker, and to be honest it was a poor choice by the devs that created the three programs. Just like their choice to drop to the floor and throw a temper tantrum whenever someone doesn’t utilize every part of their programs even if there are features one doesn’t need.