Chaotic-AUR on Artix Linux

I am using Artix Linux Openrc and I want to use chaotic-aur , but after following the steps from it throws me an error: failed retrieving file 'chaotic-aur.db'
So i manually downloaded the database files and put them in /var/pacman/local/sync but still the same error . Can anyone help me with this and confirm it works on Artix or is it a artix problem

Just use Garuda Linux, its build in :slight_smile:

You may find this very helpful:

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I like Garuda and have used it in the past , but I like something which is:

  1. Built from ground up
  2. No soystemd

Sorry but it doesn't work for me

This is definitely not the right place for this discussion then :eyes: (it might work but many packages will be broken due to missing systemd)

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The best place to ask that would be the Artix forum. There are some very knowledgable people over there.


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