Chaotic AUR, curated packages and its maintainers

Good day,

As came up - a bit off-topic - in this thread, it might be a good idea to actively monitor and maintain regularly used Chaotic-AUR-packages.

In my opinion, a few things would be neccessary for that.

On the Arch Linux page there is a tab titled "AUR", where the packages available in the AUR are shown, can be searched and discussed and a maintainer is displayed. I wonder if it were possible to take a similar approach here, with a databank of the Chaotic AUR. Maybe a link that leads to the Chaotic-AUR-page where a databank would be present?

Secondly, the developers of this distribution aren't made of time, so volunteers would be needed to actively check packages before they are being released. Some sort of "protocol" (like a checklist) would be nice for that so that it is as easy as possible for users to get into maintaining some - or even only one - package(s).

I don't know how automated that sort of thing could be made. The developers and Chaotic-AUR-maintainers will have a better understanding for that - if via notifications per E-Mail, a second repo ("Chaotic-AUR-testing" or whatnot), I'm not sure.

Sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, since looking up an AUR package is already so easy. Did I just hear you volunteer to do it all--basically re-invent the wheel? Do you have database creation/administration experience? :slight_smile:

While this might be true for the seasoned veterans here, it ain't true for newcomers. Therefore I think it would provide an added value.


I did not volunteer for all of it, no. Creating and maintaining a databank I think is possibly in my reach, yes.

The whole idea is for different volunteers to maintain different packages to introduce a failsafe. So that packages are - at least somewhat - tested before they are released into Chaotic Aur.


Chaotic AUR is testing, many git packages for KDE and other programs are built frequently.

This would be nice but fulfills this need.