Changing top bar window buttons to right and reorder buttons

It would be nice if dragonized by default came with top bar window Buttons to the right and arranged in order minimize-maximize-close. This is because many people coming from other DEs may be confused on how to change it.

It's pretty simple to customize, all you have to do is

Right click the window buttons on menu bar --> configure, there you'll see a GUI option to rearrange the buttons.

Next right click menu bar and edit panel, you can then drag and position them to the right


I know but it would make the out of the box experience for many non kde users and windows users switching to linux.


They will ask too :smiley:
If you change the title of the thread every newbie will find it quickly :slight_smile:


it didn't work for me, I had tried in different windows buttons and the option was missing..
but this solved the issue: How to move minimize maximise close to the left. • KDE Community Forums