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Installed Garuda game yesterday after fedora 36 with Gnome. Everything works fine, but I would like a more relaxed system design without dock and macos effects. Please tell me the themes for a more relaxed view of KDE and what settings are needed to disable the dock and the "neon" theme. Perhaps there is a step-by-step video that shows the entire process of setting up the system to a more classic look. Thank you!

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As this is KDE, it's very easy to change the theme! :slight_smile:

Just Google for it and you get millions of hits, including videos changing theme in kde - Google Search

Open KDE System Settings, go to APPEARENCE and you have almost everything there.
You can also find custom stuff on KDE Store.

For latte-dock, you have to re-enable KDE panel for that. Again Google is your friend as you will get a lot of videos on how to change the theme in KDE, how to create panels, etc.

Let us know if you find what you are looking for.

EDIT: You should look at jonathon's post first, he's right it's better to start with something that is already more "relaxed" (as you say) then rollbacking the "non-relaxed" theme.


The default KDE theme is called "Breeze". That would be a good start.


You'd be better off starting with the "classic" look by using the KDE Lite edition.

That is, build up what you want rather than breaking down what's already there.


Thank you, I just tried to change the themes from the preinstalled ones and one that I installed, but there weren’t much visible changes (we are talking about macos effects), apparently this is also because I didn’t check the box for widgets and shortcuts.
Thanks for the latte tip.

That is why I created this topic. Since I just want a regular desktop with a classic design, I already thought about installing Manjaro and installing the necessary game applications, rather than trying to bring KDE to a normal garuda).

Just go into setting and disable the items you do not like and in latte dock change as you wish

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Just want to make sure you understood what jonathon suggested. He suggested you to download and install the Garuda Linux KDE Lite edition that you find at the bottom of this page Garuda Linux | Download
Read carefully its description in the above page.

That is probably the best thing.

Yes, I understood, I just didn’t initially know about the existence of such a version, that’s why I wanted to install Manjaro.
Thank you all again!
I also have one question that is not related to Garuda, but maybe you can help. There is no way I can activate expressvpn through the terminal. They offer an application without a graphical interface, and to activate it, you need to enter a command in the terminal, and then enter the activation code from your personal account. But after entering the command "expressvpn activate" I can't paste the code. None of the keys work, and you can't paste code using the right mouse button. Only Enter works, but since the input field remains empty, the application will not be activated.
What am I doing wrong?

u realy nice man, thank u)

I know that.


Asking an unrelated question in a thread with a different topic; open a new thread for a new question.

Alternatively, ask for support from the company you are paying for a service; they have people who are paid to help people use their service.


You can paste in the terminal with Ctrl+Shift+V, or "click" the scroll wheel on your mouse if you have one.

Jonathan is right though, if you get stumped on something not related to the thread you should open a new topic. Staying on topic in a support thread helps keep the contents of the forum more relevant for folks searching for answers in the future.