Changing KDE gaming Dragonized Look

I'm a bit new to Linux, so if this is answered else where, then I welcome the link.

I Hate Docks, but like what Dragonized Gaming ISO offers (all be it I'll need to remove packages I won't use) . Don't care of the info bar/panel at the top of the screen either. I've seen that FerenOS & NobaraOS both use KDE but have similar layout to say xfce/cinnamon. Is it possible to set the Gaurda Dragonized versions up in a similar way - by a newbie?

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome :slight_smile:



why you install dragonized if you do not like it?

Install just Garuda Linux KDE lite. You can use garuda-gaming with all DE's from Garuda.

Or use KDE system settings for the look and delete latte-dock.


or have some fun customizing dragonized. the wonderful thing about kde is the fact that you can make it look however you like. Move the top bar to the bottom, turn off latte, customize the bar to your liking.
Like i said have some fun playing around with customization. Make your install YOURS.


I've got mine set up very similarly to how it looked when I was on Windows 10, and I started with Garuda Dragonized version.

I started by disabling latte (right click either the dock or the status bar and select the option). Then, I right clicked the desktop, selected "+ Add Panel", and selected "Default Panel". I then right clicked the desktop again and selected "Enter Edit Mode". From here, the panel can be modified however you want; for example, dimensions, position, orientation, adding widgets (such as system tray, icons-only task manager, show desktop button, etc).

Consider right clicking the widgets that are either already there or that you add. There should be an option to "Show Alternatives"; this allows you to switch to another currently-installed widget that performs a similar function. If you want to look for more widgets, simply right click anywhere, select the "Add Widgets" option, then select the option for "Get New Widgets" located on the top-right of the panel.

I use the "Tiled Menu" widget for my application menu, then right next to it is "Icons-only Task Manager", then I use the "Add Spacer" option (in the Edit screen), then the "System Tray", then "Digital Clock", and finally "Minimize all Windows".

The nice thing about "Tiled Menu" is that its configuration can be copy+pasted to other instances (for multi-monitor task bars) so that they can be identical.


Is the same as going vegan, but everything has to look like it's meat, hamburgers, sausages ....
If you use Linux give it a better look :slight_smile:
Win 10-11 is a very ugly KDE copy .
My 0,02$ :smiley:


2 cents ain't worth a whole lot though. Maybe say your 2 dollars​:wink:

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In Canada "vegan" is an old tribal slang word for "Idiot who can't fish or hunt". :rofl:


Haven't Installed yet, been using different OS that uses xfce and X11. Tried FerenOS and liked how it had KDE configured, plus some of the KDE specific apps were nice to have.

Knowing what to modify helps speed the process up. Thank you for this tid bit.

This is a great little guide for me, thank you ever so much.

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I'd say it's a good way for someone to transition to vegan! :wink:

For me it's about the functionality; if I can get what I want to do done, then the rest is aesthetics.

I find M$ neither functional nor aesthetic, but everyone should live according to his façon.

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