Changing Garuda KDE bootanimation

Hi everyone,
I don't like default garuda boot animation. Why you trying to imitate Windows?
I like second animation which using after log in to the system.
How to replace first animation by second?

The first boot screen you see is plymouth

A collection of other themes can be found here

Both have good instructions follow them.

Welcome to Garuda!


Your opinion sounds accusing :open_mouth: No need for that when you ask newbie question and not bother to post in the right section. I think Microsoft didn't invent boot splash nor circular loading animation, and isn't the first or only one to use them so not sure what you mean by imitating them.

You can configure plymouth as OdiousImp said, or remove 'splash' from grub kernel parameters to remove the screen.


How would I even know how to imitate Windows?

I haven't used it in so long I haven't the faintest idea what it even looks like these days. If it wasn't for the people like you coming on the forum complaining about stuff like that I would have no idea.

If you hate Windows so much, how come you know so much about it?

I think we've found ourselves a closet Window's user for real.



You can try new Plymouth theme

sudo pacman -Sy plymouth-theme-garuda

Then reboot


I knew that this question will arise. I was surprised myself the first time I saw this animation, and it even caused some PTSD visions from parallel universe where I never learnt about Linux and decided to use Windows 10. But then I overcame my stress and thanks to my new SSD I see this animation for about a second and forget about it the next minute.