Changing fish terminal colors

Is there some instructions how to change the profile that is used in Konsole? When i use a different color scheme, not al colors change. The prompt colors stay the same.

How do you (think you) change color scheme?

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In Konsole i go to settings-configure konsole - I select the profile i want to change. Then i select apperance and select a theme i want to use. All colors change except the prompt colors.

The prompt definition is defined in your shell's configuration AFAIK.

Then why did you ask about Konsole profile change problem???

I didn't know that these colors are not in the profile settings. Is there a description somewhere how to change these colors?

It depends on which shell you are using.
For example, for fish, look here
Check your running shell

echo $SHELL

Garuda ships with fish or zsh as default and includes default configuration for new users. You can find them in /etc/skel/ (unhide hidden files).
Check for your local config in your $HOME.


It is using the fish shell.
Is there a config file where i can change these colors? I want to change them to a lighter color. They are to dark when i use a black background.



or run in terminal (fish)


I think this is what i was looking for,thanks.


You can thank me by changing the topic title to the proper one (Changing fish terminal colors, or similar).

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