Changelogs and Patch notes

Hello, im using Garuda Linux (Dragonized) now over 1 Year. I know its a rolling release, but is it possible to maintain the update log or the patch notes? I looked at the Github and its over 3 months since an update. I will not complain but most of the time i just want to know what im updating :smiley: I would also help to maintain it if you need help.

Hi there, welcome to the forum!
That's a bit time consuming in my opinion, so it's difficult to keep it up to date.
The real way to follow what's going on is to check what is going to be updated with a garuda-update.
I never do it before confirming (Y) honestly, always after, if I have time :slight_smile: , and for the packages I know "I can understand" (for sure the Garuda packages and other stuff, but rarely a rummage into e.g. the pipewire updates).
You can use the GitLab link for the Garuda packages, while for the rest, you have to start from the Arch or AUR sites, maybe check there or even better in the relevant upstream Github sites.