Change the governor permanently

Hello all,

I am using KDE lite.
I kinda know that something is setting the governor to performance always, since this is a gaming distro and all.

But, im using it on my laptop and i would like to set to Schedutil for a bit more relax frequencies.
The problem is, when i set the governor it always changes back.

Can you point to what is manipulating the cpu settings please?


It looks like it's set by the performance-tweaks package, via /etc/tempfiles.d/cpu-governor.conf

We use auto-cpufreq

This package sets cpu governer automatically depending on load

If this service isnt running then cpu governor will be set to performance.

To check if its running

systemctl status auto-cpufreq
auto-cpufreq --log

Note that the recommended governor is schedutil.
I'm not sure how Garuda handles this.

If you're using BMQ/PDS scheduler, ondemand might be a better choice.

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