Change OS icon in terminal

can anyone tell me how to change os icon in terminal because i have already changed os name and i want to change its icon

Can you please show a screenshot of what you're referencing? I can make a few guesses, but it's not clear.

I'm guessing OP is referring to the Neofetch or Paleofetch output that's included when a terminal starts.

It's probably worth reading back through related threads (Search results for 'neofetch' - Garuda Linux Forum) and reading the documentation for the specific software in use.

Also, I'm not sure what the specific benefits are to the OP apparently re-branding Garuda.


For what it's worth when I evaluated those, I decided to go with fastfetch, which seemed really easy to configure, well documented, and fully featured.

If you want to change it to another distro's icon (one of the presets) then there's --acsii_distro flag for neofetch which can be added its config file.


i want to change it to my image

It will be worth reading the documentation of the software you are using.


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