Change my installation to another hdd

Hello, I've searched in the forum but cannot figure out so, here is my first post, sorry if this information is already here somewhere.

I'm using Garuda for a couple months and confident to use it as my primary workstation. My desktop have two hard drives, Garuda is installed on an ssd and I want to move this install to another ssd (faster and with more storage).

There is a simple way to achieve this? I know that I need to format the new ssd as btrfs but not sure how to move the install to the new ssd.

Thanks in advance

Try clonzilla iso as a boot usb. It should work with btrfs and clone one drive to the other.
And then use gparted to resize partions as required.


Thanks, didn't known about clonezilla, will try.

Check Timeshift, some time back I changed OS partition with it.
You can use timeshift from other Linux OS, if installed or from a USB media

Yes. You may have done because all was on same hdd

But he want to change the installation to another seperate physical ssd which as far I know in normal way cannot be done. Maybe there will be any other exceptional 3rd party app.

Because all those settings, file format , allocation size , meta data will complicates

First advice would be a regular backup of personal files and backuping config files and install garuda on another and personalise those manaully .