Change mako notyfies

Hey y’all, I’m trying to change my settings, and for some reason even after I change everything and it should look totally different from the original, it still comes up like the red and black notification window… idk why but when I go back into the config everything is changed to what I made it and it still shows up the same??? Y’all have any thoughts on this???

Have you tried restarting the system?

 makoctl reload 


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I restarted the system but I didnt try makoctl reload… thanks NaN and SGS. It is weird becuase i like the sweet dark login theme, but I didn’t like the picture that kind of looked like an onion for the hyprland pic. So I changed the sddm config also and i tried rebooting, I even deleted the bg-dark.png and the bg.png and *.jpg also but it kept coming up as the same picture until i rebooted like 5 times…very weird.

yup, makoctl reload, worked thank you all for helping out. ok so im slowly figuring out Hyprland thank you, this is just kind of different… Are the config setting cached somehow??? I figured most of the time a reboot would do the trick but i guess not.

You mean the login wallpaper. :smiley:
I got carried away :smiley: , and I don’t like the green anymore either.
I’ll change it soon.
I’m not familiar with the others at the moment.
Taste is different :slight_smile:
I love Linux because I can customize everything to my liking. :partying_face:

Please, post where and how you edit the files.
So we can check :slight_smile:

Can I send you a screen shot on my login screen, should I dm you on here. Is that ok?? I don’t want to fill this thread off-topic with a bunch of other stuff

DM did not work for me :wink:

Just post here, its your thread.

But do not forget

Here is my login screen rn I am going to change a few more things.
I think that wallpaper matches so well with the sweet theme. Who ever made this wallpaper thanks so much also.

oh also i edit the config files like the notifications for mako in geary, maybe I should use another app??


I think it is a remix from my remix :rofl:

Personally, I’m more into eagles.

So, everything work now?


Honestly I just really like the colors, if i find an eagle like that with those colors ill change it too that also…

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Good idea :slight_smile:

This is how i edit the config files… sometimes ill use nano, im just now learning all the commands for vim so im planning to move to that later.

yes everything is working now…also im going to change the colors of the power menu from red too blue maybe idk if im going to change the icons or not yet also.

for the login screen there are two files you have to edit for sddm, in the terminal i use “sudo -E thunar” so i can get root and edit those files…
I copy my wallpapers too the assets folder and change “theme.conf” and “theme.conf.user” and change the “Background=” setting.

Also for people that don’t really use the terminal or are just learning you can use “sddm settings” to change your login themes. Just use super key + “d” then search for “sddm settings” and you can change some things like the themes and also preview what it will look like.

Oh wait also what does the thing do, the little eye on the top right kind of it says “activated” and “deactivated”??? I was trying to find the code to see what it does but when i find it in the config it doesnt give me any ideas what it does.

I am lazy to learn vim, we use micro the better nano :slight_smile:


    "idle_inhibitor": {
        "format": "{icon}",
       "format-icons": {
            "activated": "",
            "deactivated": ""

I whoogle for you :slight_smile:
The idle_inhibitor module can inhibiting the idle behavior such as screen blanking, locking, and screensaving, also known as “presentation mode”.

thanks also I edited my post with the screen shots and explained how to change the login screen wallpaper with root thunar incase anyone wanted too do it.

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awww sweet! I really love this distro spin, thanks for maintaining it, you are awesome. Ive been wanting to try Hyprland for a while and just never did till now. Thanks again.

do you guys have a discord, telegram, or IRC channel??

Yes we can :slight_smile: