Change login screen background please

very self explanatory, please change login screen background to default garuda wallpaper. Login would look like a smooth transition. Currently garuda dragonized version has kde plasma official login screen background. Please provide out of box garuda desktop default wallpaper for login screen

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only go in settings ---> under start option
or seach sddm

only choose the style you want maybe new download

and choose the background you want

but where to get the wallpaper don't know

i use a screen record

have fun

greetings nickschecka


It's in /usr/share/wallpapers/garuda-wallpapers/
I am asking to make the login background same as the desktop background as default. Many distros do this so should garuda.

Feel free to do as you wish with your installation, but if you break it, you bought it.

This type of wording ^^^ comes off as more of a demand, rather than a request. Demanding a distro be remade to your custom specifications after only being a forum member one day, also tends to comes off as being rather presumptuous.

Why don't you get to know how KDE and an Ach based distro like Garuda actually works before firing off a pile of questions and requests for change on your fist day here. Do some reading on the forum and the Archwiki to familiarize yourself with how the distro actually works and is configured. Once you've used Garuda for a while you will able to make far more informed commentaries on the forum that will be taken more seriously.


was willst du denn eigentlich damit sagen

ja viele machen es so aber

du kannst es dir doch so anpassen wie du willst

du bist nicht alle und nicht jedermann bist du

nur weil 3 leute nach nem garuda login screen schreien muss das team noch lange nicht alles umsetzen ich glaube die haben genug zu tun

what are you actually trying to say

yes many do it that way but

you can customize it as you like

you are not everyone and not everyone is you

just because 3 people are screaming for a garuda login screen does not mean the team has to implement everything I think they have enough to do


I would like to say go play somewhere else if you have a problem with facts. :slight_smile:
But we are not rude. :smiley:
Eat or die. :wink:
Suggestions may be interesting but just because everyone or many else is doing it that way is a really strong statement and of course, we have to stick to it.


If you know how to set this by default please let me know!
Wouldve done this if I knew how, even though the correct SDDM configs are used it wont apply for a new installation (both wallpaper & SDDM theme)

Workaround until a solution is found:


The only way is to create and use (bypass Theme= with snippet) a custom theme.
Of course, it may be possible to create a dummy theme, using symlinks to default (Breeze) and only keep conf files and maybe images.
If I find time I may test if this works.


I have a way but I am not sure if that would work. Let me know later.

Keep all configs the way they are. They should use kde wallpaper as default.

Now find the same wallpaper that the kde login screen uses as per default.

Let's say it's name is.... Maybe abcd.png and some occurances are as xyz.jpg,
Convert ghosts.jpg to png as well.

Now replace all instances of abcd.png and xyz.jpg across the system by first removing it, then copying the garuda wallpaper called ghosts.jpg or ghosts.png over those locations and renaming it as abcd.png or xyz.jpg

I guess it could be automated via a simple shell script. Might as well require sudo privilege

The default login screen works with the default image. It will be located somewhere it the file system. Replacing the image with the same file name and file extension could trick kde to make garuda wallpaper the login wallpaper?

first go to /usr/share/wallpapers/garuda-wallpapers choose the wallpaper you want

for me its ghosts

save to documents

then only go in settings ---> under start option
or seach sddm

and change login screen you want to have

look at the picture

it is easy don't make it such complicated


I wish it had been that easy to put in iso too


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but why .....can't you change it in windows such easy as it is
i am reading here a lot of special wishes
and sure you have do be the claim to be better
but you have to be not the impossible allround wonder
my thoughts were i'm using a very good linux distro where everthing is okay
but when i think i must have a better look and feel i can do it on myown

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In fact it is in there :thinking::laughing: