Change default EFI boot size

Hello, been using garuda for a bit and I still loving it.

However I just have one suggestion for the install process and that is to change the default boot partition to 260MB. The reason for this is because I use an Advanced Format drive and 300MB doesn't format to fat32 correctly (You won't know this happened until its finished and doesn't even boot)

This issue seems very common across all distros for some reason.
The alternative is to issue mkfs.vfat -F32 -S2 /dev/sdx which would enable the format to go ahead by adjusting the sector size so it is compatible with 4k format

Currently I have to use the terminal to create the partiton and format it before I begin the installation process as the manual partitioning keeps adjusting the boot partition side to 264MB.


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Yes its possible to reduce it to 260 mb by default


That would be fab, it just saves a step for me to do when I need to reinstall garuda for whatever reason.

Thanks for the quick responses again, you guys are awesome.




Btw my efi partition is only 100MB , dual boot with windows

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