Change background Sway version


# Start the swww-daemon if not already running
if ! pgrep -x "swww-daemon" > /dev/null
    swww-daemon &
    sleep 1

# Infinite loop to change wallpaper every 10 minutes
while true; do
    swww img "$HOME/Pictures/wallpapers/$(ls "$HOME/Pictures/wallpapers" | shuf -n 1)" --transition-fps 30 --transition-type=random --transition-bezier=0,0.84,1,1
    sleep 600

based on a closed topic I created this script in the attempt to change the background on the sway version, since the accepted solution on the other topic is deprecated, this script appears to run correctly but the background does not change, what am I missing?

this solved my problem, no need for a script

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