Capslock and numlock lights do not work

Greeting all,

My capslock and numlock lights do not work when logged into hyprland. The keys do work, just not the indicator lights. It’s like the lights are frozen.
If I use them before I log in they work just fine.
I also installed Sway to see if the issue persisted but they worked fine.

Really not sure what is going on here.

My hyrpland config has numlock_by_default = 1.

In the past I have used utilities that would open a small popup window or show a red icon in the systray when either key was active. Obviously, not a fix but a relatively satisfactory workaround.

Sorry, but I can’t remember the names of these small utilities. A bit of searching should turn something up, if you’re inclined to try that sort of workaround.

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Did some more research and I think it might be a Hyprland bug.
Found issue with similar problem where using a Razer Naga mmo mouse can cause numlock and caps lock to flake out. Just so happens that’s the exact mouse I use lol.

Thanks for the reply!