Caprine (Facebook Messenger) image loading error

Hi everyone! There is a problem with Caprin. When I click on an image that appears in a conversation, a blank white window appears instead of the magnified image.
Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem?
Thank you for your answers!

Hi there, welcome to the community.

This is a kind of privacy feature in firedragon browser.
For solution, you will see an image like button in left side of url bar. Press that and allow.


Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately I do not understand what you wrote. I am using the Caprine client and I do not understand the relationship between and the browser. I also couldn't find the switch you mentioned where you can allow images to open in the Caprine client. Please send a picture of the setting if possible!



If this is about the client, I think this should be reported as a possible bug (if not a configuration issue) to the package maintainer or even better upstream.
By-the-way, at a very very quick search in their issue list, I found one that was closed recently (so I guess you will get it as soon as it will "come down" to the arch repository via the maintainer) and looks somewhat similar: