Can't use Shift + Alt + Left Click in Blender

I'm using Garuda Linux GNOME Edition. Is there some shortcut that is using shift+alt or something that may be overriding it from blender? I checked in the keyboard shortcuts section in settings but didn't find anything in particular.

Maybe it's a program I don't know about since I'm new to Garuda, and instead of immediately switching distros I thought I'd ask here and see if there is a simple reason for my problem.


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Use i3, Alt + Shift left click work.
IIRC in KDE too.


and maybe good travel.


My, how nice of you.

The pressure is on, guys!


I mean it wasn't a threat or anything, I meant instead of being lazy and just switching I'd go through the effort of making an account and asking for help. But since nobody wants to help I did end up switching distros. Not a very nice experience for a new user to have. I guess since no native English speakers have replied you don't really understand the nuance of what I said, so apologies for the misunderstanding. In future try not to be so bunt and unhelpful to new members of the forum based on an assumption. I won't be coming back but I guess that doesn't matter considering the snarky comments already said. Hopefully new members in the same boat will see this and jump ship.

Goodbye, feel free to ban me or something this account won't be logged into again.





To be clear, here is Garuda Linux OS, supported by volunteers, not


You have to do that yourself.


This is a completely gratis distro. The distro and the forum are totally produced and maintained by volunteers on their own time and out of their own pockets.

Users that have no desire to do their own basic research or file proper bug reports are not our target audience. If you are not a self starter and feel you have some form of entitlement to support on every issue under the sun, then you'd be best to use a commercial OS where you can pay through the nose for support.

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Long story short, I was having trouble with some keyboard shortcuts within all applications.
When I press the Alt and the Shift keys together, they don't perform the expected action.

Searching for the cause

I opened the gnome-settings -> Keyboard to see how these keys were behaving in the View keyboard layout.
For my surprise both work separately, but not together. :thinking:


After digging deeper in the shortcuts set for my keyboard, I found in the gnome-tweaks -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Additional Layout Options -> Switching to another layout I found that the Alt + Shift changes the keyboard layout by default.

And voilà, problem solved.

Why do you create a topic when you know the solution to your problem?

I'm glad you asked.

In the process to find the solution to my problem, I found this topic, where the issue unfortunately has not been resolved.

After finding the solution, I thought it would be good to write it somewhere and this seems to be a good place to do it.