Cant run a jar file by double clicking but it runs throught terminal

Hey! I have a jar file(tlauncher) so i added the java file in /usr/bin to execute the jar file on clicking but when i click on the jar file noting happens if i run the java -jar command from the terminal i t launches perfectly

Just installed garuda so not familiar with a lot of things

is java set in your $PATH ? you env? check by printenv|sort -d

the command works so why will it not be in $PATH

I'm only on the mobile now, but maybe you could check with right click if you have an option to "start with".
There should be also a setting though...

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what java version are you running? archlinux-java get get set diff version with this

its java11

I was using this jar file in ubuntu
and the gui opens with the java command

same java version?

yes how can i switch to 8 just to test?

i just gave you the command

Easy solution: create .desktop which launches java -jar *.jar.


can i know how?

Yes, by using the search engine:



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