Can't mount btrfs partition after resize

Hey, I was trying to resize my btrfs partition with cfdisk, after resizing and rebooting I can no longer mount my root partition always ends up in a" total bytes should be x but got y " error. I tried btrfs rescue with the chunk chunk recover command no luck, btrfs check returns no errors.


Did you increase the btrfs partition or reduced it ?
You should always proceed in the good order. For an increase you have to increase the partition, then increase the filesystem. For a decrease the inverse, reduce filesystem and then reduce the partiton. Wrong order mean a broken filesystem. ... I hope you have a good backup!

I reduced it. Yes thats what I missed. For future purposes can u tell me how to reduce the fs? I just went into cfdisk, hit reduce and done

If you have ext4 filesystem you can do it from a live iso (the filesystems must not be mounted).
The command is "resize2fs" read this resize2fs

For btrfs the command is "btrfs filesystem resize" read this btrfs_resize

If you have xfs filesystem, you are out of luck it cannot be reduced, only enlarge.

For other filesystems google is our friend !

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