Can't install RStudio. Missing libraries 'libssl1.0.0', 'libssl1.0.2'


I'm new to Garuda (just switched from Ubuntu last Monday). So far everything is functioning as it should.

However I'm unable to install latest RStudio manually from the .deb package. I have no issues with the installation procedure through the CLI but during dependency resolution, I'm getting 'libssl1.0.0' and 'libssl1.0.2' as missing dependencies even through pacman. Can anyone suggest on installing the latest version?

IIRC is .deb package for "Ubuntu" use arch packages on arch, maybe pandoc-rstudio is what you need?

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Without knowing anything about it, I see there is a lot of stuff in AUR for this RStudio:
I'm guess you'll know what to select.

Yes I'm trying to get rstudio-desktop-bin. Process is more tedious through AUR but hoping that should fix it.

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You can

You can submit a request to moderators to include it in chaotic-aur repo.

There are several 'rstudio' packages in the AUR, including plain, old 'rstudio-desktop.' Why do you feel the need for the .bin?

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I did not check all but pandoc-rstudio is out of date as sample

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Last Updated: 2015-06-15 18:21

Also out of date :wink:

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There is a rstudio-desktop-daily-bin and a rstudio-desktop-preview-bin which seem up-to-date, but still rstudio-desktop-bin seems to be the most popular.
But here I drop-off, because I don't know what I'm talking about :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


Thanks for all the replies gentlemen. Garuda is still very new and we're there to support its development. As of now for some reason RStudio through AUR did not install properly. I haven't yet had the time to go deep into the issues; but I tried almost 3 most up-to-date packages but all of them had some sort of dependency issue. Manually installing dependency still led to another dependency failure. Now this should not be happening since Garuda is essentially Arch and I wonder why so many dependencies are going missing. This is the first time I'm on an Arch rebuild so I'm not sure of the availability of dependencies. I'll keep playing around.

Additionally I was actually able to install the package manually through extracting the deb file from the official website and running pacman -U on the compiled tar. So far so good; there are some bugs here and there because of minor missing dependencies but 99% of it is functional. I think RStudio will need to be rebuilt especially for Garuda. For now I've been able to start it up.

So thanks for all the inputs :slight_smile:

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Please do not take this the wrong way its not a personal attack

I don't know how you are trying to install rstudio but 3 versions install fine here
using yay as the helper you don't try to install or build Deb file directly this is not Debian. install something like yay then type yay rstudio press enter you will get the list of rstudio packages, don't close the terminal, go to the Arch AUR page and search rstudio click on each link check for comments.
The Git package is the latest that is updated daily if needed but takes a long time to build as its built from source code. do not take notice of the version numbers of git packages they are the latest regardless.
The rstudio-desktop-preview-bin is a pre built Git package
now go back to yay select the number you want to install follow the instructions or just press enter to build blind and the package will build in a few mins