Can't install Garuda Linux on my main os Actually I m trying to install Garuda Linux on as my main os replacing thr unbuntu 20.04. I saw some of the tutorials for installing the os on my pc but found some difference in options
Showing me two options for booting

  1. Boot with free source
  2. Boot with propretary driver NVIDIA
    Please tell me what to do and also not showing me anything like non free please help me out here's a pic of my problem

Your pic is too small for my old eyes, but the standard response would be boot from free source in the first instance.

If you search the forum, you will see plenty of threads like this.

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Yup. Go number 1 free / open source


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Your thread title says you “can’t install Garuda”.

If you want someone to tell you how to install then there’s a video right there on the download page:


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The look of the GRUB window beats everything I've seen so far, thanks SGS!