Can't install Garuda Dr460nized - Gaming Ed

First of all, I'm completely new to Linux, and I'm trying to install the os on my PC (Laptop).
My hard disk is somewhat damaged, out of XX gb (I don't exactly remember the value) I have 540 gb left in a partition on which I've always installed Win 7 and recently Win 10. The damaged part of my hard disk is in another partition of 300 something gb. Partition that I've always ignored and left there because corrupted/unusable (partition not set by me).

Now, my problem is, I've already tried to install Garuda Dr460nized - Gaming Edition by substituting a partition, failed after 8h of really slow installation; I've also tried to install by partitioning myself the usable partition of my hard disk, which failed after 2/3h of installation.

I don't know the exact errors that prompted after I tried installing in this way, but I can provide them if needed (after repeating the installation process, and if someone teaches me to find error logs).

Has someone already encountered this kind of problem / error? (Please help)

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I would advise, so we don't have to guess, to post from a live ISO your garuda-inxi data.
It is of course a matter of opinion what is cost effective, but a new Nvme/SSD will save you a lot of frustration.
Alternatively, install MX Linux so we don't have to deal with what doesn't work for you.



sudo smartctl -a /path/to/your/disk

would be very helpful.


How do I gat this garuda-inxi data?

Did you read the template?

Please post the terminal/konsole input and output as text (no pictures) from the the following command:


Tomorrow as soon as I can I'll post it!

I'd recommend buying a new hard drive (or better, an SSD).


Erm, that information is somewhat confusing. :thinking: A partition is already set on a data level. If your drive is suffering from hardware related issues then no partition is safe. :disappointed_relieved:

I'd highly recommend to get a new SSD/NVME. No matter which OS you're installing, an already failing drive will give you headaches and data losses for sure sometimes in the future. :dizzy_face:
As far as you still can access your windows (or other partitions with your data) you might have the chance for backing up all of your data. :thinking:


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