Can't fix grub through Ubuntu livecd

Ok so I messed up my grub, I only have ubuntu livecd on me and if I try to use its boot repair to reinstall grub to boot I get a error please enable repository containing grub........ for garuda the whole error is attached, resetting isn't. I only have Ubuntu live cd on me
Edit= I also have a installation disk for arch


Ubuntu, like Win, does not recognize Garuda, you should use a Live ISO of Garuda to repair or build Garuda Grub.


You can use this to chroot into your installation and fix it, or use it to install GRUB directly.


I mistakenly downloaded gqruda bspwn instead of garuda dragonized, will it work?


No need to Ping an Moderator :slight_smile:

I think it is possible, but maybe you must search a little how BSPWM work.

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I just wanna make it boot

Ok so I am bpswm I have to select the install in, mbr root or esp what do I select?
Location is my ssd
Root ia my garuda partition

I am able to access timeshift thru livecd will it fix grub tho?

It should assuming you have the grub config file backed up. If it's not backed up then it won't. I can't say that I'm 100% sure how it's setup in garuda.

Chroot in and then

timeshift --restore

From there it should give you options for which backup to load into.

Sikeee i fixed it, chrooted into my install through dragonized livecd and just updated grub through sudo grub-update

and how to backup grub?

nootify-send, Booted into timeshift snapshot please restore the snapshot, worriying?

Edit : I was flagged for being a jerk, so this is now edited.

Someone else can help from now on, I won't bother helping you again. Good luck.

That is rude, and i know u can chroot on any arch based destroy, expressing feelings also not allowed in the foums?

I do understand i shouldnt have posted this much, but i am missing my classes and stuff for like the past 3 days, So i was just happy to get it working again,
Good day
Regards Arnav

I'm probably rude. But I'm the rude guy who didn't nerf my grub config file. Which, if I were me, and I were about to make mods to it, I'd probably save it. . . OR, it's really easy to just chroot in, and then just fix it again. Whatever works for you.

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